Release the Kraken!

If you follow me on Twitter, I haven't kept it a secret on there that I have some Seattle Kraken prints in the works. For as long as I have been a creative in the sports world, one of my biggest dreams has been to help launch an expansion team in a professional sports league. Freelancer or staff employee – it never mattered how, I just wanted to be involved.

When the gallery I work with came to me with the opportunity to create some Kraken commemorative prints, I immediately said yes and dove into concepts and sketching. Adidas and the NHL launched the Kraken brand and jerseys with positive comments on the logo, the attitude, the colors, and the jersey. It was an incredible foundation to the small part I am playing.

Seattle already had a rich hockey history and it's exciting to see it come back in a new form. The stories of sailors on the sea, in the middle of a storm and battling an epic larger-than-life kraken (or another sea creature) served as a big source of inspiration for the concepts and sketches that were presented. It's exciting to know that two concepts were approved and are in the works. While I can't share anything about what has been approved, I think it's fun to take a look at what hit the cutting room floor in the concept/sketch phase. It gets me more excited about what I know is coming.

Can't wait to release the kraken... soon.